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What would you do with 111 acres?

After the devastating winter of 2014/2015, Eastleigh was forced to cease operations as a dairy farm and has evolved into a Farm Sanctuary.  We are looking to expand our sanctuary operations; and are searching for philanthropic individual or organization to assist us in this endeavor. However, until we find this individual or entity we are in need of funds to continue our work and for the daily operations at Eastleigh.

We need your help.  Why should it be important to you?  Because saving Eastleigh Farm means:

More than saving the cows, horses and dogs from uncertain lives,

More than preserving open space so people can enjoy the beauty of nature,

More than teaching our youth the values that farming teaches.

Saving Eastleigh Farm is about preserving an entire value system that includes all of the above and more.

A rare and unique opportunity to purchase the development rights of one of the last Farms with over 100 acres of open land only 20 miles West of Boston.  This property is located just off of the Massachusetts Turnpike situated in the northwest corner of Framingham, Massachusetts.  This acreage has various development options. The Transfer Development Rights option (in which a buyer can purchase the development rights from the farm; hold them, sell them or use them on a specified commercial zoned property in Framingham which has exceeded the limit for expansion beyond the scope of the current zoning bylaws). You will find rolling hills, beautiful pastures, multiple barns an abundant green space.  This incredible land has been preserved for hundreds of years. It has functioned as a dairy farm, bordering the town of Southborough and less than on mile from Sudbury. A true once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Are you wondering what exactly is the transfer of development rights (TDR)? This charming short video by the Cascade Land Conservancy explains TDR in it’s most basic form…